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Acucobol GUI screen (v 10.4.1) - Data not refreshing until move GUI window during remote desktop session (rdp session)

My vendor has written AcuCobol programs with GUI screens.  I install the software on the main Windows 2019 server and all is good.  I then publish the wrun32.exe program on my Remote Desktop collection and then download the rdp file to my local machine.  When I execute the .rdp session from my machine and then log into the software, I have window refresh issues on query screens. For example, I go to customer inquiry, search for a customer, then select customer.  The customer data is not displayed on the GUI screen until I take my mouse and literally move the customer inquiry screen just a bit.  Basically the data won't populate the screen until I force a refresh.  It seems once the refresh is done initially, it then refreshes normally upon subsequent queries until I close the window and reopen.  I have talked with the vendor and they don't know why this is happening.  They even updated the runtime to version 10.4.1 on the server today in hopes of solving the issue but it did not help.  Hopefully some of you out there might have RDP experience with Acocobol???  It does work fine on the server when NOT using RDP from a local machine so it definitely appears to be a remote desktop issue of some kind.  I can't expect my users to manually move the window each time that they enter a query screen!  

  • I appreciate the response but I don’t think these solutions will help me based on how my users are using rdp. I download the rdp icon to their machine so that it automatically starts the necessary server software thru the rdp session. If I can find a way to set some of these rdp parameters up within the rdp file itself (auto execution), then it would be worth a try. I definitely don’t want to manually change session parameters each time the user starts the rdp session.

    I actually tried software called TSPlus today. It is an alternative to Windows RDS. I have seen multiple posts lately that Win Server 2019 and Windows 10 have issues with freezing up and data refresh issue. I couldn’t find solutions to the issues though so I started looking for an alternate method to run the software. I installed a trial version of TSPlus and it seemed to handle the user connection with the server flawlessly. No refresh issues at all when using the Acucobol software package on the server. Unfortunately, it will cost me $2900 with unlimited users and 3 years of support but it will be worth the money!  Product is also much easier to use than RDS!!! 

    Thanks again for your time in trying to help me out!