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Rollback failing on Windows Server 2022 Standard

Running 9.2.4 with wrun32:  Rollback in my program works fine on servers with earlier OS, but not on 2022.  I see from the community that there may be issues with file permissions?  Has anyone experienced this kind of issue?

  • Are you still encountering an issue with Vision file transaction support on Windows Server 2022?  And if so, could you provide information in regards to the any encountered error messaging, or, additional details in regards to how the ROLLBACK operation fails in this environment?

    **As a note, ACUCOBOL-GT extend 9.2.4 is not supported on, or known to be compatible with, Windows Server 2022.  Therefore, it is possible that you are encountering a compatibility issue between that older release, and, this newer Windows Server operating system.  With that in mind, it might be necessary to upgrade to a newer release of ACUCOBOL-GT extend in order to address this concern.

    Regardless, though, any additional information that you can provide in regards to any received error messages, or the encountered erroneous behavior, will help us to diagnose this issue, and, provide additional guidance.


    Steve Jolivet
    Senior SupportLine Representative, North American Support