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Microsoft Blocked Macros from Funning

My PC system loaded the latest Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2, and latest Office 365

I have in my software Active-X calls to generate MS-Word documents.

This routine has worked just fine for the past 15 years.

Now, when I execute my program to generate an MS-Word document, up pops a window titled "Microsoft Word Security Notice"

with the message "Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is untrusted".

The file shown is "C:\Users\Larry\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\NetCache\Content\~WRC3547tmp which I am guessing is a temporary using an MS-Word template I have.

I read through the documentation that you can launch and tried setting up "Trusted" directories and applicable files, but the message keeps showing.

When the message does show, if I close the window, the MS-Word document does get generated.  (If I do not close it within about 7,8 seconds, all sorts of errors get generated from my program).

Any suggestions on disabling this new Microsoft security ?