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Parsing xml-file


Are there restrictions regarding file size when parsing an xml file?

My xml-file is almost 700 MB.

  • That's a very large XML file. Do you really need to parse the entire file? Can you instead just open the XML file and navigate, programmatically, to the sections(s) you need to access? Parsing that file will take a very very long time.

    How do you parse the file? i.e. C$XML or XML Extensions...

    Martin Turner

    Global Technical Support for AMC | OpenText

  • Thank you. I'll try to open the file and navigate. That is certainly a more efficient method to use.

    ( I parse the file with C$XML)

  • Suggested Answer

    Let us know how that works out as it is likely the best solution. If you do not come right, I can let you have a program that reads a file or a passed string (you can call it multiple times passing it more and more of the data, like a stream) and returns the tab and data. Not very efficient either, but i have always used it since before C$XML>