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Drag and drop a file to AcuCobol

We're trying to find a way to allow clients to drag and drop a file onto an AcuCobol screen control that will allow us to capture the path and then copy/move the file where we need it. 

Is there such a capability, and if so could you provide an example? 


  • There isn't a control that is set up to accept a file. You could use a push button titled " Transfer File" or something like that and use the call "C$OPENSAVEBOX"  routines where they can select their files and the program (or user) determines where it should be saved. There is an opensave.cbl example program.

    There maybe some .Net controls that might provide this feature.

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  • I have managed to partially solve this. I added a browser control (NEWLIST-Wb-1) as a drop point 

    then coded

    inquire NEWLIST-Wb-1, NAVIGATE-URL in ws-test-url


    when a file is dropped on the browser it gives us the path in ws-test-url

    but we were hoping for a way to do this with entry fields