Help Required -- What software do I need to have installed to use ACUSQL?

HI All

I have got the 10.1.0 Dev Suite and I have been led to believe that the 32bit version of this comes with the Acusql precompiler

Presumably to compile a cobol source program I will need the 10.1.0 compiler to pick up the precompiler ?


I have 10.1.1 runtime and but I only have the 64bit version licenses not the 32bit.  If I have compiled as per stated above does that mean I MUST execute the 32bit runtime? 

I  purchased a 32 bit runtime license for AcuSQL last June 2017 but Micro Focus have been unable to supply such a license.  I get a delivery notice but when I go to the website to "email summary" I get message "This order does not contain any License Key information"  Has anyone seen that before?  The support people in Sydney do not seem to know how to get round this.


Would I be right in thinking that :

a) I need 32bit runtime and 32 bit licenses

b) I need the 32bit ACUSQL runtime and license

c) when I compile using the version 10.1 32 bit dev compiler it will perform precompile on my embedded SQL


ON top of this the environment I an using is ACu4GL against MS SQL server database.  Does anyone else mix ACU4gl cobol programs in the same environment as programs using non-embedded sql


  • a) yes .. you need 32 bit runtime and 32 bit licenses
    b) You have not mentioned which version of the development system you have. The dev system is the compiler and runtime. Get a dev system, when installing, choose to install the AcuSQL precompiler, and the AcuSQL runtime. When using the compiler and runtime, execute ccbl32 -vv and then wrun32 -vv - the -vv will show what modules are installed.
    c) Once you have the dev system installed, there are compiler options needed in order to precompile embedded sql in COBOL. ccbl32 -ps myprog.cbl ... -ps is a basic precompile option, there are others, but -ps should get you started.


    Version 10 and forward, acusql is included, no additional license should be needed.

  • Thanks for that info. We have compile working with pre-compile and embedded SQL

    At this satge it seems we had to create a Data Source as if it were an ODBC database... does that sound right?

    With Acu4gl we use the following entries in the config file :
    A_MSSQL_DEFAULT_OWNER databaseschema
    A_MSSQL_LOCK_DB databasename
    A_MSSQL_DATABASE databasename
    A_MSSQL_LOGIN database-user
    A_MSSQL_PASSWD database-password

    If this is specified in the config do we still need to code the connect statement:
    EXEC SQL CONNECT TO :servername as C1
    USER :userid USING :passwd
    When we first tried to run this we got errors complaining that the data source was not found...
    hence we created a Data source
  • The Development System on Windows is only 32-bit (there is no 64-bit compiler), so for that you'll need 32-bit licenses. But the object files are simply input for the Runtime and will work with either the 32-bit or 64-bit Runtime - that is UNLESS you've compiled for native code. If you haven't compile for 32-it native code then you can run with the 64-bit Runtime.

    From the A_MSSQL... entries it seems you are running against SQL Server which means AcuSQL will not use a DSN. Instead, you will set a Runtime configuration to tell the AcuSQL Runtime to use the SQL Server specific interface, which communicates directly with the SQL Server ODBC Driver:
    ACUSQL_RUNTIME_DLL asqlsrvr.dll

    For best data integrity, and performance you will want to have the latest SQL Server ODBC Driver installed, that is version 13.1 available from Microsoft here:
    To enable Acu4GL and AcuSQL to use that driver you will set the following:
    A_MSSQL_ODBC_DRIVER_NAME ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server
    ASQL_ODBC_DRIVER_NAME ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server

    Since you are using both Acu4GL and SQL Server together you may not need a CONNECT statement. If your program has already opened an Acu4GL table then the connection is made automatically and you can proceed with queries against the database. If not, then you'll need to code the CONNECT.