C$XML is giving zeroes in RETURN-CODE after ADD-CHILD or ADD-SIBLING when output will be big.

I use C$XML to build a file, but when the amount of add siblings or child's is about more than 690.000, suddenly the RETURNCODE shows a ZERO value.

One example gives total 695.311 add child's and siblings and the output is 772.899 lines with 25.980.683 bytes(24.7 MB).

An other not right ending file has 695.360 add child's and siblings and the output(not compleet) is 773.892 lines with 26.066.944 bytes(24.8 MB).

Example last lines:


When the RETURN-CODE has the value zeroes sometimes the write is still oke but not compleet, see above.

So, how big can it be?

I build a logging of adding:

27-11-17;10:07:07;Childhandle ;   2086487;Tabelnr:   45;Element: nr;Waarde:       1430;(F11)
27-11-17;10:07:07;Siblinghandle ;   2086452;Tabelnr:   45;Element: jrnID
27-11-17;10:07:07;Siblinghandle ;   2086493;Tabelnr:   45;Element: trNr
27-11-17;10:07:07;Siblinghandle ;   2086496;Tabelnr:   45;Element: trLineNr
27-11-17;10:07:07;Siblinghandle ;   2086499;Tabelnr:   45;Element: amnt
27-11-17;10:07:07;Siblinghandle ;   2086502;Tabelnr:   45;Element: amntTp
27-11-17;10:07:07;GetLastError(Returncode) ;         0 ;Aantal Child :     82129;Aantal Sibling:     613231;The passed handle is not a valid element handle              ;(R93)
27-11-17;10:07:25;Siblinghandle ;   2086502;Tabelnr:   45;Element: custSupID