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I use C$XML on Extend 10.0.1 and the  CALL "C$XML" USING  CXML-WRITE-FILE  XML-HANDLE H23-BESTAND is not coming to a end. Just after starting the statement on the screen appears the text "Using NATIONAL data requires ICU libraries". The xml output shall be large. The same process in a other general ledger gives no problems. I have kill the wrun32 and the xml output is a file with about 1100 records.It should be a file with more then 200.000 records.

Who has a idee?

Regards Jaap

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    You should open an incident with MF Tech Support. We had a similar issue in 10.0.1 with C$XML, and their response was:  "this is an issue that was introduced with the addition of Unicode support. It is already fixed with ECN-4418 in verson 10.1.0".  They should be able to get you a patched version of 10.0.1 with this ECN added, since 10.1 hasn't been released yet.