Maximum Record Length for AcuODBC ver 6

Does anyone know the maximum record length for AcuODBC version 6?

  • The maximum record size allowed in Vision 5 files is 67,108,864 bytes. The maximum record size allowed in
    Vision 2, 3, and 4 files is 32,767 bytes

  • Hi, Stephen, thanks.

    The issue we're having is we have one file with a record length of 100,010 bytes.  The XFD we create works fine with Alfred, so we feel confident the XFD itself it okay.

    However, when we try to access this file from Excel or another application using AcuODBC (version 6, on Windows), the application (Excel or other) acts as if the file does not exist (ie we get the same error message that we get when we try to access a Vision file that actually doesn't exist).  A previous post Kim left about this generated a reply about the ODBC log file, but we frankly don't understand what we're looking at in the log file.

    The curious thing is that for all other files, where we generate the XFD from the same root program, work just fine with AcuODBC 6 and Excel.  It seems to be just this one file, and the only thing we can determine that is significantly different is the record length. 

    We know AcuODBC is an obsolete product, but we were hoping to be able to give this one customer an answer about accessing this file.

    Thanks for any suggestions


  • Go ahead and attach the ODBC logs or send them to me @

    Have you tried using vutil to rebuild and or unloading the file to a temp file, then reloading the file back into the Vision file.



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