cblacme.dll - what is this?

One of our customers experience problems, with error message complaining about cblacme.dll not existing.

This happens when the customer is running on terminalserver, not when it is running directly on the server.

When googling cblacme.dll - a lot of links is pointing to AcuCobol /Micro Focus as software producer og this file.

What is this file - what does it do?

Is Micro Focus the producer of this file?

Why is it only necessary when running terminalserver?

  • If you right click on the cblacme.dll and select properties, you'll see who created the file. It is very possible the file was produced by Micro Focus. This file is needed any time the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime executes a COBOL program. It is not limited to Terminal Server. What is your customer running when the error occurs. There are a great many ways the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime can be launched. Typically a cblacme.dll missing issue could be PATHING / PERMISSIONs / Someone uninstalling or moving directories.