AcuSQL - connect to SQL Server on remote machine on the same network

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 03 October 2011]


We have recently started to research and use AcuSQL. We use AcuSQL to export reporting data to a SQL Server for reporting issues. This is meant for a HQ solution, wich will gather data for several companies.
As the use of this is for HQ reporting, we need to open a connection to a central, remote SQL Server. Therefore, we need to connect to a SQL Server that is residing on a remote maching on the same network. Possibly also through the internet.

My question is; how can this be done? Has someone else tried this?
We have tried to put the adress of the computer in front of the servername/instancename. But we cant make it work.
move "\\\\" to servername
move "" to userid
move "" to passwd
EXEC SQL CONNECT TO :servername as sqlConn
USER :userid USING :passwd

I would be very grateful if someone could give me a hint.

Regards Dagl