How to set base class propertties in .NET class?

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 01 March 2012]


I have created a class in a .NET dll file. This class inherits another class, a base class.
I want to set some properties that are implemented in the base class. When I make a definition file using NETDEFGEN, only selecting the child class, I dont get an definition of the properties. If I also select to include the base class in my definition file, I get a description of the properties. But refering to the child class, I dont get to set them anyway. How can i set this values?

Must I first create the base class, set the properties and then create the child class? But how is the two then linked together?

The exact situation is the dll "System.ServiceModel.dll".
This has a class "WSHttpBinding", that inherits the base class "WSHttpBindingBase".
In the base class, there is two properties I want to set, for instance "MaxBufferPoolSize".

How can this be set?

Regards Dagl