9883 error


I have a customer that replitily have the error 9883 on différent file.

His server is a window 10 pro using client server connection



Thank you for your help...

  • We have 3 different clients that also repeatedly receive Error 9883's Corrupt Files on the same 2 or 3 files. These are actually very simple files. We have several other files that are much more complex (i.e. larger, longer records, many more alternate keys, etc.). And we have some files that are updated more frequently than these that constantly get these 9883's, yet it is always the same 2 or 3 files at a company that get corrupted. We even sent the file layouts and select statements to SupportLine to see if Tech Support felt there was anything unusual about these at all that would cause them to constantly be corrupted. Course with this said, the majority of our clients (close to 100) use these same files also every day without issues. We did notice that this problem definitely started for us on the 3 clients that constantly get them as they had PC's that installed the Windows 10 1803 update. One company in particular, it started with 1 PC that had 1803 and that was the only PC that would corrupt the file. But as they had a 2nd and 3rd PC also update to 1803 over the next month or so, then that 2nd and 3rd PC also started corrupting the same file. We have tried to work on Anti-Virus and Windows Defender and put in exceptions/exclusions, etc. all with no luck other than to constantly have the client recover them sometimes as many as 5-10 times a day. I know Tech Support recommends AcuServer over a mapped drive for file access and I do agree it would likely solve these problems, however we did install AcuServer at another client that was having Windows 7 Update and Windows 10 problems, and it did solve the intended problems, but it also hangs up occasionally which is frustrating them and so now we hear about that instead of their original problems, so we are a little leery of pushing it too hard on clients due to that. We are hoping by some chance maybe the most recent 10.2.1 update will help and do plan on upgrading them within the next few weeks to see if that makes any difference. But we have no evidence or anything like that from Support, just hoping it might.