Report generator

I am looking for a report generator that is able to print graphics and distribute it to several clients like acubench
  • Fytek has several products that work with Cobol, also RPV is another that I am aware of.
  • I would invest in AcuXDBC, which is a SQL engine for your COBOL files. Once you have that in place, you will have your choice of dozens of report writers (Microsoft Office, etc).
  • We are using List&Label without XDBC. Look at
  • I too have experience with List & Label. It is a decent, feature rich product, although when I was using it (about 10 years ago) it had a few quirks. The software product in which L&L is embedded is still on the market, and I used it (to run a saved report) just about a month ago.

    The main difference between L&L and AcuXDBC is the fact that L&L is a report application that keeps the COBOL developer involved in the report design process (because the L&L report designer is proprietary), while AcuXDBC is focused on providing the data in an open format (SQL). Even if you provide the L&L report designer to the end users, it remains proprietary and thus a training and support burden. L&L is Windows-only, whereas AcuXDBC supports other platforms.

    So, MichelM, whether L&L is an appropriate product depends a lot on your (unstated) requirements. Bottom line is that L&L is a single point proprietary solution for reporting, on Windows; if that meets your needs, it will work well for you. AcuXDBC is what I would call an "enabling tool" that opens your application data to a large variety of uses, of which reporting is one.
  • I use L & L so that a CSV file from Cobol is generated and this can be used to generate the reports / charts / lists.
    This allows the Cobol programmer to generate any data via CSV format and to generate and display the printer results from Cobol (Preview).
    At the end, a PDF / TIF / etc. can generated automaticly . The advantage is clear: an adaptation of the pressure output is conceivably simple and can also be made by non-Cobol programmers.

    Also, L & L could be accessed via SQL so the reports directly from a database could produce reports, charts and lists.
    I have built the current state of L & L as well as an interface to it.
  • List&Label his capable to read vision filesystem?