Acuserver check

Hi all,

We have Acuserver running on a Windows 2003 server. Our application is an ERP.

Is it possible to check what files Acuserver handles when running the application from the same physical server and not from any client?

I suppose it should be something in the FILE_PREFIX entry of the configuration file.


  • Verified Answer

    A process running on the same server where AcuServer is running will go through AcuServer if the following are included in the Runtime configuration settings.  

    1. "USE_LOCAL_SERVER TRUE" (or ON, 1, YES).

    2. "ACUSERVER_PORT nnnn" where nnnn the port where AcuServer is running (not needed if running on the default port 5632)

    3. "@servername:..." notation is used in FILE-PREFIX or specific file aliases.

    Executing that process with a Runtime trace will show the configuration settings used.  Here is a link to an article with instructions for obtaining a Runtime trace:

  • OOPS, sorry - the default AcuServer port is 6523 (not 5632 - that's AcuConnect).