How can I loop through all the controls in a screen section?

We have a function/screen which uses the screen section to do it's work.  It's older, and needs to be made larger.   I was thinking i would prefer to make it automatically resize so I looked at the layout manager option in the manual, but apparently that can only resize the control, not the fonts in labels and/or entry fields.  So now I'm thinking okay, lets just loop through all the controls in the screen section, doing the "adjustment" that the layout manager would have done.  And use W$FONT to resize the fonts - changing the font sizes when there's enough room.  (Yes, I know I'll have to handle changing the font handle in those controls that need a new font - I think I have a plan for that).  The basic thing I don't know how to do is set up a loop that goes through all the controls in a screen section.


Plan B would be to set up an evaluate that maps loop indexes to controls, and use SET HANDLE to save the handle for all the controls.