type ahead characters disappear until later when reopen floating window

Hi everyone.

I've got an odd problem, but it's intermittent.  I made a bunch of changes a while back, one of which was adding "bind to thread" to all my windows (they should all be bound to the same thread).  Before that, this problem did not happen.

Situation.  Have one floating window.  Start a 2nd floating window.  Type info into that 2nd window.  Hit the key which triggers the program to close that window.   I keep typing, wanting to fill in the fields in that first window that I just told the program to make active again.  Sometimes, the first few keys I type "disappear" only to show up later when I create another floating window.

Anyone know what this is?

Is it related to "bind to thread"?

Any idea how to handle this?

(I've tried adding a little "buffering" routine to read all characters that are available according to "ACCEPT FROM INPUT STATUS" and save them in a buffer before closing the window.  No change in behavior, the characters still get saved for later)


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