Is there a character mode program that does what C$OPENSAVEBOX does?

Well, the subject really says it all.   Does anyone know of a utility program, written in cobol, that runs in character-mode, and provides similar functionality to C$OPENSAVEBOX?  I want to do something like that in unix on a terminal.  I would rather not re-invent the wheel.

  • I believe the example opensave.cbl that we provide works on in both Windows and Unix, graphical and character.
  • Yes, but you should encourage them to install Facetwin on their linux server and their windows machine so they can enter a GUI world. Facetwin is gui based. Terminal is primitive. Try it out. You won't want to go back to terminal. I'm stuck using terminal myself at the moment and it is stupid. COBOL has always been GUI compatible. Admiral Grace Hopper insisted.
  • Hello George, that information is new for me. My customer is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.6(Santiago) and they use the program called Putty.

    Factwin will work on their system? Further I see on the website of FacetWin a date in 2014. Does the company updates?

  • I looked at that program earlier and realized it only worked if C$OPENSAVEBOX was available, so I tested a call to that in linux and confirmed it came back with status not available. But to be absolutely sure, I just compiled and ran the opensave.cbl and ran it. I got the message:

    Open/Save dialog boxes are not supported.

    I am 100% sure it works with thin client, but I am looking for a solution for character mode.
  • Yes it will work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You must install it on the linux server first, then on the windows machines. Windows printers will work from the Linux server and linux printers will work from the windows machines. It provides direct visibility of the hard drives to each machine. Indeed, I ran cobol programs on the linux machine using the windows hard drive and used putty to do the up link from the windows hard drive using the linux processor and the windows path to complete the link. I compiled Acubench from the windows machine directly onto the linux hard drive, and I put, C .net,, and Crystal Reports projects on linux and ran them there. Facetwin's mapped drive is more stable than the windows mapped drive too.
  • I know many people find this difficult to understand, but it is conceivable that not everyone in the world shares your opinion.

    There are many Linux and UNIX users who use one of the various GUI technologies available on those platforms. There are also many who prefer not to, or who do not want every application presenting a GUI when there's no reason for it.