Is there a way to use SVG (scalable vector graphics) with a bitmap button?

It's time to revamp our bitmap button bar, and before we invest in code that decides on which of several size bitmaps to use, depending on screen resolution, one thought is to simply use an SVG icon instead of a bitmap icon.  Anyone figure out how to do this?

  • Just an idea, instead of the bitmap bar, you provide a browser control that is the same shape / size of the bitmap bar, the browser loads your HTML page which contains buttons (which are links to appropriate program or function) and these buttons use your SVG images.
  • Nice outside the box thinking (by introducing a box...)

    Our button bar simply adds a bunch of function keys (unique exception values, not actually mapped to same exception as the real function keys). I've used the browser control to display stuff, but never interacted. I'm guessing from the documentation I would have to:
    - build a page with the button bar images, each button set with a unique "URL" that I can map to an internal function key.
    - display the browser control
    - In my main accept, watch for event MSG-WB-BEFORE-NAVIGATE, which would happen when the user clicks on a "button" in the "button bar"
    - get the value from the "NAVIGATE-URL" property
    - internally set my "function key" value
    - process that value.

    Am I on the right track there?
  • Yes, that looks like a good way to do it.