Using -P SPOOLER-DIRECT or -Q . . . DIRECT with EMF Printer Drivers

Because our print standards use HP PCL5 escape sequences to control the printers, we have been using the SPOOLER-DIRECT facility to print all of our reports without going through the windows drivers. That has worked really well for several years. Recently we have run into a Windows ASP provider who only uses EMF Printer Drivers, and SPOOLER-DIRECT (so far) does not work with EMF Printer Drivers.  I.e. When our programs print to one of the EMF printer drivers nothing appears anywhere. (There is nothing in the Windows Printer queue.) If we change SPOOLER-DIRECT to SPOOLER in our program, the text of the report appears along with our HP PCL5 escape sequences printing as character strings with no other effect on the printer.

Has anyone else had this problem?