What does "system error value = 0" mean?

Can anyone tell me what "system error value = 0" means. The affected user is running wrun32 v10.1 and on one Windows 10 workstation sees that message displayed on the terminal before the session crashes. I have found in the v10 doc references to other values, but not to 0.

  • Typically a value of 0 means that something succeeded. Do you know what the COBOL program was calling or doing before this message was displayed.

  • Thanks you, but, no, I do not know which program. It could be any number of programs that can be invoked from our menu programs. She says it happens "once in a while".

    She provided a screen snip of one of our payroll menu screens showing that the message appeared three times. Apparently the third display preceded the crash.

    Here it is her snip followed by a no error version of the same screen. I am trying to persuade her to run a trace as requested by Claudio.



  • The Enter your Choice label / entry field and push buttons and status-bar seem to be missing from her screen ... are these part of the same screen (in the screen section) or displayed .. like display screen2 upon window-handle. Strange that that much of a screen is missing.

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  • I have not seen the bad result in action so I can only quess at what happened. I.e. I can't say for a fact that before the System errors the bad screen looked like the good screen except that:

    1. The widgets the program displays are all given absolute, not relative positions,

    2. When raw "DISPLAYS" (whether by a program or the the run time) occur, its data appears after the last displayed character.

    3. When muttiple raw DISPLAYs occur the data wraps down the screen and when it gets to the last line of the window the previous data is shifted upward.

    4. The top portion of the window is presented in one procedure.

    5. The Enter your choice label and entry field are displayed separately

    6. The Rev: and ribbon line of push buttons are displayed by a separate subprogram.

    I have no respose on the requested trace.