I am currently facing some problem with acuconnect 10.0.0, would like to see anyone have this experience to share the solution with me. 


I  am facing that sometimes when using the application(runtime) and log out. 

Then try to login again, it show the error 'Connection Refused'. 

When check the acuconnect on server side, it show running. 

Because when issue command acushare, it show the data and acurcl -info is work also. 

Then when try to restart the acuconnect it show the acuconnect is running and socket error. 

But the weird thing is some user that currently login using the system, they still able to use as long as no logout. 

But when someone logout and try to login again, it will show the error 'Connection Refused'. 


Hope that someone can share with me the solution. 


Thanks You.