XBIS and IIS on Windows

We are using XBIS 9.2.0 on Windows, have installed on a couple of different machines successfully. We have set up IIS on many machines over the years without issue - IIS always installs with the root folder as \InetPub\wwwroot.

Doing our first install at a customer site, and on that computer it seems the default IIS folder is under \InetPub\vhosts and not under \Inetpub\wwwroot.  However, AcuXBIS still installed under \InetPub\wwwroot.  As a result, not even the samples will run for XBIS.  To make matters worse, the server we're installing on is running Windows in German, so wading through error messages and screens using google translator is tedious at best.

Google searches trying to understand the use of \InetPub\vhosts leads me to believe that IIS is set up with multiple virtual websites, but at bottom, I just need to know how to install XBIS to run in this environment.

Can anyone help?



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    Hi Tony,

    I am more familiar with the RM version, but I think the solution is probably the same - or similar.

    IIS has the concept of a Virtual Directory.  This links the directory part of a URL to an actual physical path in the file system.  The virtual directory also carries metadata that tell IIS how to interpret requests - for example, associating a ".srf" with BIS - and I think also it carries come permissions information.

    The RM version of BIS installs a utility named BISMkDir.  According to the documentation, so does AcuXBIS, as described in Appendix I of the (online) manual.

    I would urge you to study the BISMkDir instructions carefully before you use it, because there is some complexity that a 'normal install' hides from you.  

  • Thanks, Tom - that did it, after I read the appendix carefully.

  • Tom is right (as usual).  BISMKDIR is the best way to configure BIS applications for IIS applications -- but it requires the .NET framework which may not be present, so this program is not used during the initial installation. Instead, a simpler approach is used at installation time that works well only for standard IIS configurations, with BISMKDIR as the fallback for more elaborate installations.  

    It is also possible to configure BIS (or any IIS application) with a series of IIS APPCMD commands, but those incantations are complicated and obscure.