crun32 licensing

We're using Acu Extend 9.1.1 (or on Windows, with our ISV license codes for development system and runtime.  On most of our computers, the crun32 runtime works, as does the wrun32 runtime.

However, on one workstation, wrun32 works fine, but crun32 throws an error that it is not licensed.  When we do a crun32 -v, the response indicates it is licensed for 4 users (which is correct), but with no serial number.  On other computers, we do get the serial number. 

Is there a different license for the console runtime (crun32) or should the regular runtime license work for crun32 as for wrun32?  If the latter is the case, what would lead to wrun32 working but crun32 not working?

(We've searched the computer to make sure there aren't other copies of either installed elsewhere, tried different license codes, etc).



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    The wrun32.alc license for each extend version should support crun32. Look in the C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\extend\9.1.1 or 9.1.2 directory on the workstation and see if there is wrun32.alc, wrun32.!lc, wrun32.3lc - also crun32.alc - it's possible someone renamed one of the licenses - open these in an editor and see if these look correct - do any of them have the no serial number - look in the AcuGT\bin directory as well - by default licenses are expanded to C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\extend\

    The no serial number is odd, mainly the serial number is for Customer Care and Sales - not having a serial number will not change whether the runtime works or not.

    You might also look and see if the environment variable ACUCOBOL is set on the workstation, and what directory that env is set to.


  • There were wrun32 license files on that workstation, but no crun32 license files.  We copied just the crun32 license files from another workstation in to the ProgramData\MicroFocus\extend\9.1.2\x86 folder and that seemed to fix the issue.  I'm not sure how we ended up with only the wrun32 files when we originally ran the activator, but we'll know what to check if this ever happens again.

    Thanks for the quick response!


  • I'm re-responding to this post, as this issue is still happening.  We had a customer today, where, again, the crun32 was not licensed when activator was run and valid licensing codes entered.  Checking the ProgramData folder, the wrun32 license files are created, but no crun32 files are created.  Again, we can jury-rig this to work by copying crun32 license files from another system, but this requires us to connect to the customer, transfer files, and it's not using the customer's "real" license codes.

    One thing I didn't mention originally is that we're not installing using the Acu CD - we include all the runtime and install files with our InstallShield script, and that script launches the activator and prompts for the runtime and acurcl codes.  Are there particular files (DLLs maybe) that we need to include in our InstallShield that perhaps we aren't?  

  • You are not missing any dlls. Once you have expanded the codes and keys,  copy (or rename) the wrun32,alc  to crun32,alc.

    You will not get a crun32.alc from the license codes and keys - you need to copy or rename wrun32.alc to crun32.alc