crun32 licensing

We're using Acu Extend 9.1.1 (or on Windows, with our ISV license codes for development system and runtime.  On most of our computers, the crun32 runtime works, as does the wrun32 runtime.

However, on one workstation, wrun32 works fine, but crun32 throws an error that it is not licensed.  When we do a crun32 -v, the response indicates it is licensed for 4 users (which is correct), but with no serial number.  On other computers, we do get the serial number. 

Is there a different license for the console runtime (crun32) or should the regular runtime license work for crun32 as for wrun32?  If the latter is the case, what would lead to wrun32 working but crun32 not working?

(We've searched the computer to make sure there aren't other copies of either installed elsewhere, tried different license codes, etc).