Win10 and Extend10

I'm curious about the exact changes with Extend 10 required for compatibility with Windows 10.  Installed Extend on WIndows 10, and while Extend seems to work fine, several Windows 10 apps do not work, or do not work reliably (notable Calendar, Mail, and Edge).  On a test box, we formatted and installed Win10 from scratch, and all apps seemed to work fine.  After installing our application, including Extend runtime, problems with apps recurred.  Unfortunately, our installshield also installs Java and FOP, so it's not clear exactly what part of the install is causing issues with Windows 10 apps.

Are there specific issues/problems with Extend 9.x which lead to the release of Extend 10, and if so, what are they? (Almost hoping that the app conflict is a known issue!).



  • When we know a new O/S is coming out, we plan what version will support it. Based on the Windows 10 date, our Version 10 seemed the best candidate. We typically don't go backwards, meaning we don't say a release in 2013 will work with an O.S GA in 2015. It is very possible Version 9 would work with Windows 10. But we state that our Version 10 supports Windows 10. If there are issues we intend to fix them in Version 10. Our Version 10 is built with Visual Studio 2012, and our installer changed to Wix. We did notice with Windows 10 that if you create a shortcut to the acu runtime, then our typical Start Program items show up in the App dropdown list. We are hoping to automate that process in the future.