Default fonts in AcuToWeb

We have a simple application (in Windows) which works fine in thick client and thin-client.  It uses several different fonts and sizes to get the look we wanted.

When displaying in AcuToWeb, the use of these different fonts result in undesireable appearances - buttons overlap grids and entry fields, and many other visual oddities.  I understand it is because of the fonts; when I looked at the AcuToWeb documentation, under "Limitations and Known Issues" it says:

  • If your application uses a non-default font, and you have inconsistencies between the font sizing in the AcuToWeb application and the application when run through AcuThin, then you must use the AcuToWeb Desktop with your AcuToWeb application, to allow the font rendering to be handled within extend.

My question is what constitutes a "default font"?  Is it an accept statement from "DEFAULT-FONT", or something else?  I'd rather not have to do trial and error to figure out which fonts render similarly in AcuCobol-GT directly and in AcuToWeb with similar looks.