AcuODBC and record lengths

We have a Vision indexed file with record length of 100010.  When we create an XFD using Version 6.10 (Windows), for use with AcuODBC (yes, we know it is discontinued), we can use Alfred to view the file, but using the same XFD with Excel results in:

DataSource.Error: The table has no visible columns and cannot be queried.

This is the same error that occurs if the file itself does not exist (but it does in this case).

Is there a limit on record length with AcuODBC and/or Extend version 6.10?  This is just one file of many, and all other files work just fine with the XFD generated the same way and with the same version of Excel, etc. 



  • I'll see if I can dig into what limits AcuODBC had ... I saw this response when looking for new visible columns .. perhaps this may help ..

    1. OK once you get the error ‘This data source contains no visible tables’.  
    2. Query Wizard - Choose Columns dialog box, and then click Options.
    3. Table Options dialog box, click to select the System Tables check box, and then highlight the sheet under ‘Available tables and columns’ and click on arrow to move it to ‘Columns in your query’. 
    4. Then follow the onscreen instructions.

    For more information on the possible cause and the above steps refer the link below.

  • Verified Answer

    A separate forum post asked a very similar question. Looking into the (very old) source, I found that the record length for AcuODBC is stored in a short, and so the maximum record size is 32767.

    I would be curious to know what happens if you upgrade to a recent version of AcuXDBC.

  • Thanks, that confirms what we're experiencing.  We've not used AcuXDBC beyond some preliminary testing many years ago.