AcuToWeb SSL setup Dummy guide

Hi all,


Is there something like this available? Tried with the documentation and i am not winning. Trying to achieve a simple single server setup and selfsigned certs. Used OpenSSL to set it up.



  • Just confirming, using OpenSSL you generated an SSL key file and an SSL certification file. Then in your gateway configuration file you added:
    "use_ssl" : 1,
    "ssl_key_file" :"location-and-name-of-key-file",
    "ssl_crt_file" : "location-and-name-of-certificate-file",

    Can you describe what not winning means?
  • If i switch on SSL i cannot connect.

    Gateway conf:

    "use_ssl": 1,
    "ssl_key_file": "C:\\OpenSSL-Win32\\bin\\server.key",
    "ssl_cert_file": "C:\\OpenSSL-Win32\\bin\\server.crt",
    "log_level": 1,
    "tcp_port": 8009,
    "ws_compression": 0,
    "handshake_timeout": 10,
    "customize_css": {
    "Custom": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Micro Focus\\extend 10.1.0\\AcuToWeb\\Web\\_CSS\\examples\\ThemeFX.css",
    "Default": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Micro Focus\\extend 10.1.0\\AcuToWeb\\Web\\_CSS\\examples\\defaultCustomCSS.css"