acutoweb "access denied"

We are testing "acutoweb". The service for acutoweb and  acuconnect isr running.

When we start the connection in the browser with the connection-setup-screen is showing, bat wehn we try the connection to the sample "tour.acu" an error ist prompted.
"Connection to server refused. connection denied."
Can sombody help us, what is wrong?




  • The AcuConnect log file may help resolve this. If you did not start acurcl with a log then first do “acurcl -kill” then start it with something like this: “acurcl -start -le acurcl.log -t 7”

    Then open the browser and try to run the alias again, then examine acurcl.log. The connection processing begins with this entry “AUTHORIZATION request from user: …” What follows should provide an explanation why the access was denied.
  • Check your AcuConnect - AcuAccess file. This is the file used to set permissions. If you are running AcuToWeb and AcuConnect on the same machine you logged in on (let's say your login is "myname", then the AcuAccess file needs an entry where the local user name is "myname".
  • Thank your for the answer.
    When i installed and configured the acutoweb by "login: administrator" i get the connection.
    But next problem, the alias is not found.
    where must the file "acurcl.xml" be placed?

    ?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII" standalone="no"?>
    <!-- C:\Users\DINTER~1.IDE\AppData\Local\Temp\ - generated by ACUCOBOL-GT v10.1.1 on 2017/11/08 -->
    <rcl:Working-Directory>C:\Users\Public\Documents\Micro Focus\extend 10.1.1\sample\acubench\object</rcl:Working-Directory>
  • Typicaly the alias file - acurcl.ini is in the C:\etc folder or \etc on Unix or Linux
  • OK the funktion is running, my mistake was the extension .ini.
    Thank you, have a nice day.