[archive] Modifying sceen VISIBLE TRUE/FALSE

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 09 November 2006]


OK, we have a program in our application which has the ability to allow a user to click a button using an event procedure, it uses event because I don't want the after procedure to trigger etc.

Now, because we make use of multi threading, this button pushing has the potential to allow the user to be in another program, but get back to the start and press the same button again.

If upon pressing the button I modify the screen's VISIBLE control to FALSE, then when he eventually realizes that he has to close something down to get back modify it back to TRUE is it likely to cause me any grief.

It seems to work a treat, but does the modifying cause lots of network traffic etc?

I also do it in another place in the same program which does indeed tidy things up greatly from the users graphical view of what they can see.