[archive] AcuXDBC Record Paging

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 20 November 2008]

I have been working on this for a day or so now and have a question. We are trying to use the AcuXDBC to build a web app that can return pages of records (i.e. Page 2 of 50) with each page limited to a set number of records. According to the docs, the XDBC does not support any of the standard methods of paging records (TOP, ROWNUM, LIMIT, etc). Each recordset will be dynamic, so we cannot simply assign an index for the first column of the recordset.

Returning the full recordset and then sorting on the client side is impossible over the internet. At best we are looking at 2.8 minutes of transfer time of the completed recordset before being able to filter. The web server will time out long before that, plus it is impractical seeing as there are 160,000 records with around 25 columns to return for a filtered recordset.

Is there something similar to the MySQL 'LIMIT' statement or possibly the standard 'TOP' statement that I can use? If not, are there any other suggestions that could be offered?

Just to clarify, this is while using AcuXDBC Server, not simply the client.