Thin client auto update

We are getting ready to upgrade to Extend from 9.0.1.

Does anyone know of a way to get around the initial administrator requirement for installing the thin client on Windows 7 machines?  We have a custom installer that asks for and gets that permission, but if all the user gets is "auto update failed" because of the missing permissions, my phone is going to be ringing off the hook.  Currently the only way "around" it is to run acuthin as administrator.

I am going to change the failed auto update message to hopefully head some of them off, but allowing the install to happen would be the best.

  • I wasn't aware that you need to run acuthin as administrator.Is your custom installer able to be rolled out using a Group Policy to install on a users network?

  • Apparently, it does need to be run as administrator in for Windows 7 to execute the installer and will be required for all Windows versions in the future. 

    From a support incident that I just submitted and that has been closed:

    Regarding the Windows 7 issue there is no other way to get the installer to execute properly.  You must run it as administrator.  This will be true for all Windows versions from now on.

    The installer is copied to the user's machine correctly.  Currently, I am copying it to %appdata% (<APPDATA>\path\installer.exe in the config file), but the location does not seem to matter.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to roll it out as you suggested as the client is distributed to our customers(approximately 1100 of them) and is not distributed locally.  I am going to just add a ton of documentation to try to head off the calls.

    I submitted an additional incident requesting the UAC prompt and privilege escalation if the auto-update were going to happen.  It just seemed to make sense.

    Are there any post install hooks that I can call if the update fails (or succeeds for that matter)?  This is something that would be nice to have.  If the update fails, directing the user to our website where I could put some help would solve some issues.