[archive] Paged List Search stops firing events

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 22 June 2010]


I have a paged list-box on a small amount of data (200 or so records). We use the paged version to allow our users the ability to type in the code they're looking for and narrow down the list.

The problem I am having is after the first letter is typed (the event fires and the list is moved to that letter), no other letters typed fire an event. I have logging and can see the event being fired on the first letter, but nothing else gets fired.

Is there something I am missing? My list box is declared like this:

03 list-1, list-box using list-data,
paged, 3-d
line 3, col 1,
size 40, lines page-size, upper,
data-columns = ( 1, 7)
display-columns = ( 1, 9).