In an acuthin environment, can ActiveX/COM objects create server side instead of client-side?

In an acuthin environment I'm experiencing at least 10 times slower performance iterating over an ADO(ActiveX Data Objects) record-set compared to fat client(wrun32).

ADO is a non-graphical ActiveX object, so I was wondering if there was a way to create and interact with it server-side in Acurcl, rather than on the client side?  Is this option available with .NET objects as well?

  • Yes, you can use the CREATE verb in the COBOL program, you can run it on the server. You'd have to have the ActiveX or .Net assembly in it's own program so that it can be called, once you have programmed it that way, your standard programs can call it using AcuConnect distributed processing and have the control and process occur on the server. ACUCOBOL-GT Reference Manual  Chapter 6: Procedure Division > 6.6 Procedure Division Statements  >   CREATE Statement  .. check out the SERVER_NAME portion.