[archive] AcuConnect & Dual Processors

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 21 March 2005]


I need to know if any of you have anything more to offer regarding the comments I've enclosed here regarding SCO Unix & Multiprocessors.

What I asked them was when our application is running on SCO Unix would there be any real benefit from the server having dual processors.
The server will be running our application via AcuConnect etc and reasonable hit via AcuODBC.

Comments from SCO

"Hi Shaun

I don?t have all the answers but I hope this helps.

You?ll need an SMP license for the extra CPU, but I?m not sure about the additional package.

Once installed all applications that spawn multiple processes should be able to take advantage of the extra CPU as the O/S will balance the load across the two CPU?s. In unix land this would mean that almost any application would see some sort of benefit, but it?s hard to say without knowledge of the application.

It would be fairly safe to say that a database serving ODBC queries would almost certainly load balance quite nicely across 2 CPU?s"

So hopefully someone here will have experience of dual processors and AcuCobol products.