Is it possible to open a website in an existing open tab via thin client

The following code works fine but iT opens a new tab each time it is exexuted using IE9.   Hoping that it is possible to open in an existing tab if available.


STRING "start "                                           DELIMITED BY SIZE

"https://www.[any website goes here].com" DELIMITED BY SIZE









  • The syntax you are using is just like typing a command into a command prompt. One way you could do what you are asking is for the COBOL program to provide the browser, with ACUCOBOL-GT you can use a browser control (which is IE) and have this control in a window, ou could inquire on the control to see which url it has open and then allow the user to open an additional url.

  • it's a user option how/where new pages are opened in the browser. It give no parameter api-function where you can define it.

    And i don't think that a user want that his current website is changed from an external program.

    The only way is the Browser Control... i tested it long ago and had several problems with complex websites which dosn't work correct in the browser control.