XFD mapping...

Hello everyone, I wonder if there is a way to know which file a Specific Punta XFD.

thank you very much :)

  • Hi Carlo,

    Can you give more information about your requirement, please?

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    Tom Morrison

  • so I explain what I want:

    I want to know if there is a way to know which file is described by an XFD


  • That depends, the naming of a file can happen in a variety of ways in COBOL, specified in the select phrase or perhaps defined in working storage. Do you know which version created the XFD .. more recent versions of our compiler make XFDs as XML documents and the file type is pretty clear when you open the XFD in an editor  <xfd:file-organization>Sequential</xfd:file-organization>  as well as the file name ... older compilers will have the file name in the XFD XFD,04,PUNTA, PUNTA .. there is more information on XFDs and file naming here .. Chapter 3: Preparing Your COBOL > 3.2 The Role of XFDs > 3.2.6 Naming the XFD File

  • # l:\9.04\xfd\gedacess.xfd - generated by ACUCOBOL-GT v5.2.1
    # Generated Tue Jun 07 18:46:28 2011

    # [Identification Section]
    # [Key Section]
    # [Condition Section]
    # [Field Section]
    00000,00246,16,00246, 00,000,999,REC-DCES
    00000,00016,16,00016, 00,000,999,KEY-DCES
    00000,00012,01,00012, 00,000,000,ART-CESSIONE
    00012,00004,16,00004, 00,000,999,LIN-DCES
    00012,00002,16,00002, 00,000,000,CAN-CESSIONE
    00014,00002,16,00002, 00,000,000,SOT-CESSIONE
    00046,00001,01,00001, 00,000,000,FLAG-ESCL-RICALCOLO
    00057,00001,16,00001, 00,000,000,FLEX-DCES
    00058,00002,16,00002, 00,000,000,TCAL-DCES
    00060,00186,16,00186, 00,000,999,FILLER

    this is a XFD example....so, how can i Find the name of datafile described by this XFD?

    thank you

  • SELECT FD1   ASSIGN       TO  "mine"

    XFD shows XFD,03,FD1,MINE

    so you have a Select TAB-CESSIONE assign to "GEDACESS" or GDACESS is assigned in working storage .. your file name should be GEDACESS