Autocomplete entry-field like Google


I would like to be able to use a TextBox/Entry-Field with autocomplete like Google.

So when you start typing a list box appears with suggestions.

Does anyone know how to get this done. I tried using .NET but cannot get it to work


  • There is a discussion in the forum on this .. using .Net I believe ...

  • You may be interested in ths as well ...

  • Yes I have seen all the posts about this subject but I want the .NET solution where I can use

    Autocomplete CustomSource and I can't seem to translate this to cobol.

    The options are AllSystemSources, AllUrl, FileSystem, HistoryList, RecentlyUsedList, CustomSource

    With CustomSource I want the listbox to be filled with data from my vision files.


    Help please


    private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


       // Create the list to use as the custom source.  

       var source = new AutoCompleteStringCollection();

       source.AddRange(new string[]















       // Create and initialize the text box.

       var textBox = new TextBox


                         AutoCompleteCustomSource = source,

                         AutoCompleteMode =


                         AutoCompleteSource =


                         Location = new Point(20, 20),

                         Width = ClientRectangle.Width - 40,

                         Visible = true


       // Add the text box to the form.


  • I saw this C# code as well and the VB code on the Internet as well. For whatever reason I cannot find a Framework 4.0 Listbox or Textbox when using NetDefGen. The process would be to use our utility NetDefGen and create a copybook that contains the methods and properties from a Framework 4.0 Listbox or Textbox. In COBOL you would use CREATE to create the control and then use Modify and or Inquire on the appropriate properties and methods

  • I have created the copybook using NetDefGen, thats not the problem.

    My problem is translating the above to cobol.

    Or if there is another way to incorporate the Auto-complete function in my programs I would like to know how.

  • CAN ANYBODY HELP ME WITH THIS??????????????????????????????????????