[archive] NULL in MsSQL Fields (Acu4GL)?

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 17 August 2005]


i try to bring my vision-data into an MSSQL - Server.
Works pretty good so far, but:

All fields with only SPACE were transformed into . (and therefore our MsAccess databases have problems with the data)

I already tried the config entry: 4GL_ILLEGAL_DATA CONVERTED.
But it has no effect.
AcuSupport told me, that this entry has a bug and does not work correctly (what i can proof!).

The support guy has reached his knowlege-limit and all of his suggestion aren't working.

Has anyone here an idea?

The tables were created with "allow NULL" in some fields .. some other fields do not have these flag .. i can not find the rule behind this. Maybe someone here who knows how to control this flag?

I would be glad about any suggestion. Thanks.

p.s. i dont use sql syntax .. simply xfd's and the DEFAULT_HOST SQL entry.