9A Runtime Error on 5 alternate key Acucobol File Program compiled with Acu Bench

Usually compile with the following script on a unix mainframe (ccbl -Sp /icobol/gui:/icobol/acu:$CODE_PREFIX -SX ICOBOL -SI ACU -Cb -CIF -V -VHAX  -DI -DZ -O $1.COB -E $1.ERR -LOI $1.LST -Ta 20000 -Tb 4196 -Zzna -Te 400 -Td 900 $2 $3 $4 $5 $PROG)

Machine has died so I am using ACUBENCH (circa 2003) runtime 6.2.0, compiler version with the following  -o .\object\@.acu -x -Ci -Ga -Zd.

I successfully compiled other programs.  this 5 alternate key file however gives me a '9A' error.  Any help would be appreciated. I clicked icobol compatibility box under compatibility options on compiler tab.