from Excel VBA to acucobol

Does anyone know how to translate these Excel vba macro instructions to ACUCOBOL statement:

ActiveSheet.PivotTables ("My_Pivot_table"). PivotCache.Refresh

Thank you

  • Never tested it.

    I think PivotTables are handled the same way like Sheets.

    The Pivot Cache is in the Workbook and handled in an Array.

    So the Levels are:

    1. Workbook

    2. PivotCaches

    3. PivotCache

    My first test would something like

    modify ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches(1).Refresh

    If this dosn't work i would break it down...

    inquire HandleWorkbook PivotCaches HandlePivotCaches

    inquire HandlePivotCaches ITEM(1) HandlePivotCache

    modify HandlePivotCache Refresh()

  • Maybe you can look at this older thread which is also on the Excel code conversion issue.


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