list box display

I have a large screen divided into tabs.  Because I reached the limit on number of controls, I've separated the controls for each tab into separate screens and when the tab is displayed I display the appropriate screen on the tab.  

Some tabs have multi-column list boxes.  The first time I bring up a record (any record), then click on a tab with a list box, the contents of the list box don't show.  Data for other types of controls shows, just the list boxes are blank.  If I bring up a second record, then the list box contents display and continue to display for every other record I bring up.  However, if I now click to a different tab that also has a list box, the data in that list box doesn't show until I bring up another record.  In other words, the first time a list box is displayed its contents do not show.  Once I display the tab/screen with the list box on it and then move to another record, the list box contents display.

I am on 9.0.0.  I have tried adding a specific DISPLAY of the list box when the tab is displayed (as opposed to just displaying the screen that contains the list box), but it doesn't change the behavior.  Suggestions?