Calling SSRS from within a Cobol program using Acusql and or Acu4gl

 Has anyone created a method of calling SSRS RDL from within AcuCobol?

  • I take it that you want to leverage SSRS RDL (to write reports) from within COBOL versus just reading the output of SSRS RDL which makes XML style reports. Looking on the Web, I found this article showing how to leverage SSRS RDL as a Web Service ...
  • Thank you I will take a look at the site, our end users are extremely pleased with our Cobol programs that allows them to easily set the reporting parameters that would call the Cobol reporting program and generate a standard printed report no fancy graphics, now in the world SSRS and Crystal they are wanting more, so our initial thoughts would be to use our Cobol program to pass the selection report parameters rather than using SSRS because of the way its handles parameters, and then the out report would show up in a browser with a very nice looking report, and our end users would not have to learn how to run SSRS. Anyway thanks for the feedback. We have also looked into third party products such as RPV and Fytek to do pretty much the same thing as SSRS.