Connecting to Cobol Files using Linked Server in SQL Server

I need to read some Cobol data files through a linked server in sql server.
I have followed the steps described here, just that I used version 8.01.02 of the Acucorp AcuXDBC ODBC drivers.
I have also created the Linked server in SQL, but I am not able to query the files.
When I try to expand the tables group in the Lined server I get an error saying:
Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server.
I tried to see maybe i need to create some catalogs using xdbcutil -d D:\XDBCDataFiles\INK\xdbcVIX -x D:\XDBCDataFiles\INK\xfd -v -a post
but I got: Table Post is already defined.
I have used the same files before with a linked server on another machine and it was ok.
My cfg file that I specified in ODBC looks like this (I have removed the commented parts):
dictsource "D:/XDBCDataFiles/INK/xdbcVIX" 
file_prefix ";D:/XDBCDataFiles/INK/xdbcVIX;D:/XDBCDataFiles/INK/dataFiles" 
invalid_numeric_data zero
max_files 256

max_locks 4098

locks_per_file 4098

v_buffers 256
What is it that I must do to make it work, so I can be able to do something like this: select * from openquery(linked_server, 'select * from post')?