Acuserve port Nos

The default port for acuserve is 6523 is anyone aware of there being issues with a Windows 2012 not recognising port numbers greater than 6000?

the configuration line for the data uses @\data\lfiles  where the IP address is the address of the main Network card.  The system returns a 9D103 error.  if I launch Acuserve and do a query on the Ip address and port 6523  I get a Socket Error 10060.

BUT if I use the PPP Adaptor RAS IP address then everything is okay??

Any help greatly appreciated



  • Windows 2012 is a bit different as you need to specify Roles that are available to each user. In addition you have the AcuServer Access file - are you using SECURITY_METHOD LOGON in the runtime configuration  file? And does the user have access to the D drive. You can look for the troubleshooting in AcuServer User's Guide   Chapter 8: System Management > 8.4 Troubleshooting >  8.4.3 File Access Denied

    There is also the acuping example - does running acuping get to the acuserver running on Windows 2012, And finally the firewall, Windows may have the firewall on by default, so you need to allow traffic on the acuserver port.

  • Start acuserver with a error file and trace - acuserver -start -t3 -le myacu.err, then start the runtime with a trace, wrun32 -le myerrs progr-name .. upon the error kill acuserve and look at the acuserve eror file and look at the runtime error file. The acuserve error file should show the user gaining access or at least how the access file was attempting to allow access and the runtime error file should confirm what directories and IP address it was looking for the files in.