printing a pdf file

I need to print a pdf file and my report from my COBOL program.  I have made sure I can print from the command line and I put that command in the program and then use c$system.



               '"c:program files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\reader'


               ' \t '


                                       delimited by size

                                 into  command-ln



           call "c$system" using command-ln

                         giving exit-status.

The exit-status is 1 after the command executes.

It doesn't seem to print.  is there a way I point to the printer that win$printer is using?

       PRINT-TRIAL.           string               '"c:program files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\reader'               '\acrord32.exe"'               ' \t '               '"e:\source\68barb\pmreport.pdf"'                                       delimited by size                                 into  command-ln           end-string.                          call "c$system" using command-ln                         giving exit-status.