Report Image

I have an acubench report template set up with an image on the document as a place holder for a user signature. This must be populated with the appropriate bitmap when the document is created (ie: the bitmap for the specific user). How do I soft-code the bitmap property on the report image so that I get the correct signature on the document?

  • There may be other solutions ... take a look at the sample reportf .. In Acubench open the  C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Acucbl923\AcuGT\sample\acubench\Reports.pjt .. this example has a bitmap titled ACUCORP.BMP and the reportf.cbl (reportf.rpt) program has the path to this bitmap. For me, to do what you intend, you would have the COBOL program copy the individual signature bitmap and paste (or rename it) as the bitmap used in your report.

    Alternately, checkout the docs on AcuBench User's Guide   Version 9.0.1  Chapter 18: The Report Controls and Property Reference > 18.8 The Report Image .. you'll see there are 3 ways to designate PATHING to the bitmap, so you may be able to dynamically assign a PATH to where each signature resides.