C$System not executing

I have a user with 64-bit Windows Ultimate SP1, Dell OptiPlex 9110, that cannot run a program using C$SYSTEM.  As soon as the CALL C$SYSTEM command is executed it fails. Other users not having this problem, but I am remote, its not clear if the other users have Windows Ultimate.  I don't experience the behavior on my Dell T1700 WIndows Professional o/s.  Has anyone else seen this?   Is there another method to execute a user inputted acucobol program name that works?  Thanks out there!  Hope I can help you guys one day.

Sample of the code:

       01 RUN-COMMAND.
            02 FILLER PIC X(44) VALUE
                 "wrun32.exe -c \bi\data\cblconfi ".
            02 RUN-PROGRAM PIC X(30).

*************the program to run is an Acucobol .acu file, the application automatically appends .acu to the program name they've entered.
       01  system-call-vbls.
           05  command-flag     pic 99 value 72.
*******Command-flag values: 1 Async; 2 No I/O; 4 Maximized; 8 Minimized
*******16 Compatibility 32 Hidden  64 Shell
           05  command-flag-min-compat-shell pic 99 value 88.         
           05  exit-statusA     pic 99.   

           IF RUNPROG-button-pressed               

                    GIVING EXIT-STATUSA