[archive] Customer Training in UK office - February 07

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 30 November 2006]

Windows Application Development with AcuBench? and ACUCOBOL?-GT
Hands-On Training
Acucorp's Office, Twickenham, UK
February 5-8, 2007

Led by our team of experienced Systems Engineers, Acucorp's training course provides intensive instruction on a wide variety of extend?7 development and deployment solutions. Held at our Acucorp office in Twickenham, the four-day workshop includes practical tutorials and exercises on Acucorp's
ACUCOBOL-GT development system and AcuBench integrated development environment.

This hands-on course includes detailed information on AcuBench and ACUCOBOL-GT, the best tools for COBOL Windows development. As an attendee, you will:

? Become productive using AcuBench for all phases of the application development cycle (design, coding, and testing)

? Receive an overview of the extend7 components

? Receive introductions to project management and configuration, graphical designers, the integrated debugger, ACUCOBOL-GT tools, and the graphical controls within AcuBench

? Learn the AcuBench report composer feature and see how to access XML data from a COBOL application

? Benefit from practical tutorials and exercises that provide an excellent opportunity to apply the features and techniques introduced by the instructor

To register for this training, please complete our online registration form.

Need more information? Please contact us at 44 (0) 20.8843.7100.